Friday, May 27, 2016

Katie Couric feeling her age Rule 5

Instapundit and Glenn Reynolds have been all over this story from the start: Katie won't reedit (lies remain), A new scandalKatie caught againBreaking the Law, No Apology, No RemorseCouric's apology means nothingSingularityWhy I hate the mediaA democrat operative with a bi-line, Crickets from filmmakers on Katie's selective editingGreat moments in Hypocrisythe Guild Protects Its OwnYahoo: Fire Katie CouricKatie responds to her misrepresentationsthis should be a career killer, and accused of doctoring a gun video

 Separated by Generations: Katie Couric is the mother of Madison from Fear The Walking Dead

But never let a Rule 5 opportunity pass, even if Katie is beyond her shelf date...

Katie in the Morning

Katie "Old Dracula" Couric

Katie Couric in the editing room at Yahoo News

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Lem's Place/Trooper York: Whose that girl?


Michelle Malkin: Couric is only sorry she got caught

Regular Right Guy: Katie Couric is Dead: Someone please tell her


  1. Conservative Treehouse has as well.

    1. You have the link? I went and looked and could not find what you are referring to.

  2. This is why she doesn't want any sunlight on her editing. Look what it did to her mug!

    1. John Wayne had old saddles and boots way smoother than that.

  3. Well, it's pretty clear that she didn't make it on her looks.

    Given, that, it is pretty clear she didn't make in on her talent because she has little of that either....


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