Monday, May 23, 2016

Game of Thrones: The Door: Season 6: Episode 5 (spoilers)

If you have not seen Season 6: Episode 5, stop reading and go watch it first.

Game of Thrones has been great this season, going beyond the underlying books in unexpected ways. Last night's episode did not disappoint. It was one of the best episodes ever in this series. I agree with this take from Forbes: the Hodor back story and last night's situation rose to great tragedy.

Time is fluid in the Game of Throne's universe. Young Ned Stark seems to hear his son Bran during one of his visions. Hodor has been set to play this particular protector role his whole life. So the contact between Bran and the Night's King could not have been a surprise to the Max Von Sydow's Three Eyed Raven. The past is apparently not written, the ink is not dry

The traveling play that Arya witnesses in Bravos shows how popular culture can twist facts. I thought that was a great little scene, although, I could have done without the self imposed medical exam in the dressing room. I think it was more of a joke in response to past criticism that they show too much female nudity on GoT. Sort of like this scene which many suspect was (at least in part) a jab at Orson Scott Card's criticism of too much emphasis of sex on the GoT series.  

So, changing topics, what is the deal with these faceless men?  Who's side are they on?  

But theater can't be all tragedy, there is love developing which leaves hope for comedy (a happy ending): 

Maybe Tormund might get his Lady Bear

And a new Fire Witch spars with Varys (is Game of Thrones really all about Varys and Littlefinger):  

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  1. There's a really old joke about a guy running for an elevator yelling "Ho de do! Ho de do!".
    So, I guess it was a little anticlimactic for me in a way.


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