Monday, May 23, 2016

Officer Nero Not Guilty in Freddie Gray Trial

Legal Insurrection/Andrew Branca: NOT GUILTY

Billy Murphy, attorney for the Gray family: “I’m very proud of Judge Williams standing head and shoulders above most people.  Under similar circumstances, he may have bent to the pressure, tremendous pressure, to do in this case
Billy Murphy
Billy Murphy
what the black community wanted him to do. So my hat’s off to him.
"Both sides did an excellent job presenting their cases. The standard of proof in these kinds of cases is enormous – it’s proof beyond a reasonable doubt. And Judge Williams clearly articulated why he had reasons to doubt whether the evidence was sufficient for a conviction. And he did it in a very workmanlike, thorough manner so that there would be no doubt about why he felt that Officer Nero’s guilt had not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
"I don’t think this has a thing to do with the other cases. And Judge Williams was very careful in limiting his ruling to this case and this case only. And he said that from the outset, and also spoke from the way that he analyzed the facts.
"There are five other cases. Let’s be calm and patient to determine their outcome before we have any further to do about this matter. What we do know here is that he heard all of the evidence presented, he considered it all – both those facts that were in favor of the state, those facts that were in the favor of the defense – and he ruled in accordance with the law in a way that only the judge who could hear all of the evidence and knows all of the law could do. And again I commend him for not bending to public opinion, whether it came from either the white or the black community.”
 (Alex Brandon / Associated Press)

Legal Insurrection/Andrew Branca: Freddie Gray Not Guilty Transcript Released

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