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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sinatra Fans Rule 5

The big 100 is December 12

The 12 days of Sinatra continue until the big day on December 12! Before Elvis and the Beatles, it was Sinatra who had throngs of girls following him...

Frank Sinatra in 1943 in Pasadena, California

Sinatra Fans once threaten to kill a Sinatra heckler...
Don't insult the Voice or else!

Obviously not bobbysoxers, it is Frank Sinatra at the Poodle Lounge but I like the photo

Sinatra on TV when and where to watch
Sinatra Grammy Special on CBS on December 6
22 things to do to celebrate Sinatra (although the best thing you could do is listen to his music)

EBL: Frank Sinatra San Bernardino Home and National Cookie Day Sinatra's Way (I am guessing he might prefer a Sicilian cookie to sugar ones, but they are still fun).

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