Thursday, October 29, 2015

Becky Quick CNBC Rule 5

EBL: Maybe that scary budget deal will be addressed in the debate tonight
PW/McGehee: Conservation with an untethered Army blimp
Legal Insurrection: Who won the GOP Debate?
Wombat: The Man In The High Castle
AoSHQ: John Harwood is a dick

American Power Blog: Reince Priebus blasts CNBC moderators, but Rience Priebus is responsible for debate format at CNBC and CNBC leftists loses control of their debate (although I do love Rick Santelli) and Trump packs (occasionally) and does not like gun free zones (and agrees to consider gun free Trump properties)

Real Clear Politics: Luntz focus group blown away by Ted Cruz' come back at CBNC moderator
Breitbart: GOP Candidates smoke CNBC moderators at the Debate
John Nolte: John Harwood caught in a lie

Gateway Pundit: Liberal Media Bias on Display
Weasel Zippers: GOP 3rd debate open thread
Regular Right Guy: Hillary cuts the cheese

DaTechGuy: CNBC in three tweets
Twitchy: Ted Cruz calls out CNBC
Lem Levity: Best Debate Ever

Legal Insurrection: What was the RNC thinking? Reince Priebus should be firedFree Beacon: CNBC moderators ranked
Blogmocracy: Open Debate

Lem's Levity/Chip Ahoy: Post Debate Analysis
Rush Limbaugh: Drive Bys not embarassed and no more CNBC crap sandwiches (we'll see)


  1. Is it me or does she look like a thin Chelsea?

  2. Becky looked good last night, well coifed and all that. I think that she was selected because she's one of the only attractive women at MSNBC/CNBC and not because of her brains. Then again, Rule 5 isn't about brains is it?

    1. You can have brains and be Rule 5, but it is not a prerequisite.

  3. Most of the Rule 5 ladies would be one-night stands in my world (after an evening of over indulgence). Brains get much higher marks in my book but looks do help. I don't hang out with crones.

    Speaking of which, Fox News seems to get all of the smart good looking news ladies. MSNBC focuses on hiring the nasty, unattractive women.


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