Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Maybe that scary budget deal will be addressed in the debate tonight?

EBL: Becky Quick Rule 5, That Hillary Clinton is so classy, John Harwood responds to his critics

Twitchy: Reince Priebus Blamed (for good reason)

Instapundit: Paul Ryan Elected Speaker

TOM: Rubio knocks out Jeb
WombatAmPowBlog: Lefties at CNBC loses control of the debate
Rush: Epic Jeb FailTed Cruz scares the Establishment, and the Drive By Media exposes itself
Mark Steyn: Jeb's Fantasy Football Deflate
Regular Right Guy: CNBC is the cable business channel?
Lem's Levity/Chip Ahoy: Post Debate Analysis
Rush Limbaugh: Drive Bys not embarassed and no more CNBC crap sandwiches (we'll see)

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  1. When I worked for the Orange County (CA) District Attorney's Office, one of my jobs was political corruption investigations. I asked a protege me what the difference was between a Republican and a Democrat. He gave me a long winded answer, designed to impress. I asked, "What's the difference between a white rat and a black rat?" He said, "The color of the fur." I said, "precisely".


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