Thursday, October 29, 2015

That Hillary Clinton is just so classy...

EBL: Becky Quick Rule 5 and Will they mention that scary Boehner Budget at the debate?

Twitchy: Hillary on Spin Mode

Instapundit: Roger Simon: CNBC and Jeb Bush commit suicide in Boulder, the Final Six and Jeb's Dead Baby, Jeb's Dead, GOP unites against CNBC (and perhaps the RNC)

TOM: Rubio knocks out Jeb
WombatAmPowBlog: Lefties at CNBC loses control of the debate
Rush: Epic Jeb FailTed Cruz scares the Establishment, and the Drive By Media exposes itself
Mark Steyn: Jeb's Fantasy Football Deflate
Regular Right Guy: CNBC is the cable business channel?
Lem's Levity/Chip Ahoy: Post Debate Analysis
Rush Limbaugh: Drive Bys not embarassed and no more CNBC crap sandwiches (we'll see)

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  1. This national security stiff is soo boring.

    Oh, look, I have some lint.


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