Monday, August 24, 2015

The August 24, 79 A.D. eruption of Vesuvius, Bastile, and Frank Sinatra at Pompeii

I like Bastille and they actually do a Pompeii/Vesuvius related song.

Vesuvius Eruption, August 24, 79 A.D.

Tweets of a vanished world...

J.C. Dahl: Vesuvius Erupting (1826)

John Martin: Destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum (1821)

Karl Briullov: Last Day of Pompeii (1830-33)

Portrait of the baker Terentius Neo with his wife found on the wall of a Pompeii house.
Was the eruption just before Terentius agreed to bake a gay wedding cake?

Come Rain or Come Shine - Pompeia 91 by Franklyjoy22

It was not good day in Pompeii on August 24, 79 A.D.

But Come Rain and Come Shine is a great Arlen and Mercer Song performed in the Pompeii Amphitheater by Frank Sinatra in September 1991 (Frank may not have been in the best of voice that night, but it still would have been a fabulous show to see in that venue).

New York, New York, Pompeia - 1991 by Franklyjoy22

Pundette: I'll Be Seeing YouThe Coffee Song (the swinging version) and How About You? And to answer Pundette's query: yes I like hearing this one more than once!

Bob Belvedere: Sinatra's Best 19-17, Almost Like Being In Love, The Gal Who Got Away, The Tender Trap #2, and It Happened In Monterey (Tie), Sinatra's Best 22 through 20, Nice 'n' Easy, I'm a Fool To Want You, The Song Is You and Don't Worry About Me (Tie)

Pink Floyd fans misbehavior ten years earlier almost prevented the Sinatra Pompeii show

Don’t forget to also keep checking out
It’s a swingin’ world.

Don Surber: Astaire Way To Heaven

Jonah linked to this on the eruption

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