Monday, May 4, 2015

Blaming the Victims of Jihadi Terror: Leftist Media calling Pam Geller, AFDI, and Jihad Watch "hate groups"

Last night, at a Draw Mohammed Free Speech Event in Garland, Texas, two gunmen fired on a security guard.  Fortunately the event was prepared for violence and the two gunmen were killed (and the injuries to the guard were minimal). One of the gunman is identified as a jihadist. Fortunately event organizers and participants are all okay.

One of the gunmen suspects shot and killed was believed by law enforcement to be a terror suspect previously.

Yet on National Public Radio, Huffington Post, the New York Times, Daily Beast (I am not going to link them) are blaming event organizers Pam Geller, AFDI and Jihad Watch as promoting hate even going so far as citing how the Southern Poverty Law Center deems them hate groups.  Is it coincidence that the SPLC article on the anti Muslim "inner circle" depicts Geller, Spencer, Horovitz and others in a manner that looks like severed heads?  Hmmm, which group is into severed heads? The SPLC is a hate group and is no longer a resource for the FBI (although I defend the SPLC right to free speech--even if it is often slanderous, libelous and wrong).

As InstapunditNoah Rothman, AoSHQ, and Vodka Pundit note: There is an implication that Pam Geller had this coming.  The leftist and establishment media blaming Geller and the event organizers is complete and utter appeasement bullshit.

Nick Gillespie and Reason is correct:
The future must belong to those who recognize a categorical difference between free expression and violent reprisals. The future must belong to those who affirm speech over silence and freedom over fear, regardless of who is speaking and who is offended.

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Free speech, no qualifiers
Charlie Hebdo survivors say no comparison with Texas free speech (I get the distinction that Charlie Hebdo was anti religion in general and Pam Geller is anti Islam--to the extent Islam is not tolerant of dissent, but these remaining Charlie Hebdo survivors, while entitled to their opinion, are wrong.  There is a free speech element to both situations and Islamists who cannot tolerate such free speech.).  

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