Sunday, May 3, 2015

Jihadis Come To Texas: Targeting Pam Geller and Draw Mohammed Contest. Update: ISIS connection?

Twitchy: Shots Fired and NYT reporter wonders why anyone would have such a contest
DaTechGuy: I share his view on this
Islamic Extremist Group Took Credit Just Before Attack
American Power Blog: Two suspects open fire, shot dead 
CNN picks up story
Lem's Place/Chicken Little: Don't Mess With Texas
Instapundit: Nick Gillespie: Never Give Into The Thug Veto and Stephen Green: The NYT is trying to blame Geller, not the terrorists…

Wombat: Two gunmen killed and Geller and Wilders unhurt
Memeorandum Thread

As InstapunditNoah RothmanAoSHQ, and Vodka Pundit note: There is an implication that Pam Geller had this coming.  The leftist and establishment media blaming Geller and the event organizers is complete and utter appeasement bullshit.
Instapundit: One does not simply "shoot up" a Texas art show and Kevin Williamson, What didn't happen next…
Free speech, no qualifiers
Drew at AoSHQ is right, spare us your throat clearing
Charlie Hebdo survivors say no comparison with Texas free speech (I get the distinction that Charlie Hebdo was anti religion in general and Pam Geller is anti Islam--to the extent Islam is not tolerant of dissent, but these remaining Charlie Hebdo survivors, while entitled to their opinion, are wrong.  There is a free speech element to both situations and Islamists who cannot tolerate such free speech.).  


  1. Puffington doesn't seem to understand the Moslems could have shown a little restraint.

    Ah, the soft bigotry of low expectations.

  2. So, didn't our POTUS make it clear before the UN that the future should not belong to those who draw Mohammed? How long before he extrapolates that to Texas law enforcement?

  3. FTR, I'm not cheerleading Pam Geller. Just trying to connect dots to predict future events. But actually, who cares what Obama thinks. I want to know what the future POTUS thinks.

    1. Pam Geller showed the assault that is radical Islam on Western free speech. The two are not compatible. Either Islam becomes more tolerant or we in the West bow down in submission. The latter approach is a bad mistake.

  4. How the hell did these guys sneak into the country is the question the MSM should be asking out loud.

    1. IS camp 6 miles across from El Paso inside Mexico.


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