Friday, February 28, 2014

Was this whole Arizona gay religious rights thing one big unforced error for the GOP?

Jon Gabriel thinks so...
Hey I support gay marriage (I have done so for years), but I know if you give the gay mafia Hedwig's angry inch, they will take a mile.  The gay mafia is the PC wing of the homosexual community who is militant about controlling thought. We need to recognize that most of the media and the gay mafia are liars. They want faux outrage and will manufacture it if we let them. This legislation was not anti gay, but it was also not really necessary (Arizona republicans admitted that). However, there are some small businesses around the nation are being persecuted over PC enforcement of laws that should frankly be unconstitutional.  But by poorly drafting and communicating what this legislation was about, the Arizona GOP lost ground.  And of course establishment GOP did their predictable part to panic and collapse to the Democrats, media and gay mafia (freaking out about the midterms), rather than rationally communicating this about allowing everyone freedom, not persecuting gays.

Debacle?  It is a small error and will have no long term impact in itself, but it was a completely avoidable one. The opposition is studying how they can do this again (and again) coming up to those midterms and the 2016 election. We need to review it to understand how not to be played.

And let's not forget the rest of the panderers (here is an example):

Big Gay Roger Goodell
And yeah, I know there is technically no "unforced" errors in baseball, but they certainly exist in politics.

Democrats love fund raising over Republicans

Things are getting bad in the Crimea...

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Favorite Band by State: Jack Johnson, Wisconsin

A Map of Every State's Favorite Band
I was going to say Virginia is pretty boring with DMB, but Massachusetts is Neil Young?  Delaware is Rush?  And Vermont and New Hampshire are Phish and the Greatful Dead, respectively?

Update: Smitty says Virginia's over riding shame is picking Dave Matthews Band! The shame is being completely boring middle aged vanilla hipster.  

h/t Hot Air

The Sea Hag strikes again: #AngleaCorey has "no comment" on Florida sheriffs mistakenly keeping a 18 year old innocent kid in jail for over a month over a mistake over his name...

The Green Inferno Trailer : Environmentalist "meat" cannibals? They're what's for dinner!

Some environmentalist radicals go to the Amazon rainforst to stop illegal clear cutting and find they are especially appreciated by the natives!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

#ObamaCare is a train wreck and #HarryReid is a shameless degenerate liar

Have some pistachios today!

#DukePorn #BellaKnox and how Democrats are helping your daughters find fulfillment in higher education...or, you've come a long way baby!

The Other McCain is on this story with this and this post. Update:  Here is TOM's Special Snowflake post, Planned Parenthood promotes a bondage and S&M video for teens, and his Fairness vs. Feminism. Ms. Miriam Weeks got outed about her part time employment by a young gentleman at Duke University. Here is a NSFW (but tastefully edited) post at BSC News of a small selection of Ms. Week's part time work.  Here are a few more images:

Making her family proud...
So is this the new economy we have to look forward to?  Thank you Barack Obama and the Democrat Party for fighting the #WarOnWomen.  
TOM: The Piers Morgan Interview! A little late to pump up the ratings there Piers!
TOM: A Tragedy in the family @Bella_Knox
TOM: Are we being too judgmental?

TOM: Special snowflake and make-believe female empowerment
TOM: Why doesn't Miriam Weeks use her real name?
TOM: Is Duke supportive of teen porn?
TOM: Belle Knox on the View
TOM: Belle Knox is psycho…
TOM: Feminists empowerment and Belle Knox is psycho…
TOM: Freaks of the week…
TOM: Rad Fem Ravings…

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Axolotl, Mexican Water Monsters, spotted in lakes near Mexico City

#NFL threatens to pull #SuperBowl from #Arizona over #gay legislation... Update: As predicted Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed the bill (Big Gay Roger can stop hyperventilating)

Big Gay Roger Goodell has to pander!
Word is Jan Brewer likely to veto bill anyway (and no the bill is not anti gay despite the hyperventilation of those on the left).

So what is the "Toxic Little Queen" up to? Alec Baldwin, always a victim, responsibility is never his, is it?

There is very little anti gay discrimination in Arizona. A few religious people who opt to not participate in gay weddings commercially are legitimately worried they may be targeted by the gay mafia like this florist in Washington State (because how could gays get by if a florist opted not to sell floral arrangements to a gay wedding). This proposed Arizona law is really a nothing (just giving a limited out for religious sensibilities), but never let the left miss an opportunity to brand Republicans as bigoted haters.  So while it may be prudent for Jan Brewer to take this outrage arrow from the Democrat's quiver by a veto this week (so it is not used to bash the GOP in November), the pandering of people over this issue is also revealing.

No surprise about Jan Brewer's decision and I agree with Ace on this one:  I support gays getting treated fairly, I just wish they supported the rights of others to similar consideration.  Because it is pretty obvious many do not.

The Anchoress has the Great Gay Marriage Cake Debacle of 2014.

The magic of photograph editing: Model before and after Rule 5

This is analogous to what campaign managers do to their candidates:

Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead Trailer

I loved Dead Snow (it was stupid but funny), so I can't wait to see this sequel.

EBL: Død Snø Movie Clip (the original)

#JeremyClarkson describes punching #PiersMorgan

Sunday, February 23, 2014

True Detective Spoilers

Don't read this unless you want to get into spoilers... (although I am not sure I buy all of it, either)
Ace at AoSHQ had this too. I did notice those things, and arguably the symbolism plays into the spoilers above. The clues are in plain sight.


I would call this less spoilers than questions about Episode 6 but here you go.

There are only two episodes left for this season.  Expect big developments in Episode 7 next week (potential spoilers-speculation).

Here is another post discussing possible theories.
10 point deer antlers, what did Woody Harleson's character say abut hunting in Episode 5? 
The biggest reason that I don’t think Marty is part of the Yellow King cover up is that he is so terrible at lying and deception, not to mention acting! We see him repeatedly showing his cards so to speak, and Rust even calls him out on in after Marty saw his mistress at the bar. There is a moment during his interview in 2012 that Marty says, “I haven’t talked to Rust in 10 year. Yep.” But he appears to obviously be lying — which backs up my theory in two ways!
More on the King in Yellow
What True Detective is really about...
So how will True Detective Season One end?  I suspect this more spot on than most and definitely spoilers.  

Witness: 1985 and Matthew 5:38-48

Game of Thrones #GoT Season 4: Will Jaimie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth get together?

Gila Manolson has a book:  Hands Off!  This may be love.  Her advice is avoiding any physical contact prior to marriage is a way to build intimacy.  And in a strange way, that has proven true (at least so far) with Game of Throne Characters Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth (and no pun intended between referencing Jamie Lannister and that title of that book).

So the question is:  Will Jamie and Brienne get together in Season 4?

Okay, she is a bit weird, but it is not like his character is twisted too.  

Friday, February 21, 2014

The GOP is messed up and Robert Stacy McCain blames (mostly) two guys:

The Architect
Stop drinking Karl's Karl-Aid!  

And (ultimately) Blame Bush!
I really can't disagree.

Although Ace had this from the Weekly Standard.  So what happens with reality really catches up with President Obama?  Probably blame Bush!

Sochi Olympic Hockey Semi Finals Update: Final: Canada wins 1:0 over USA. We have to keep Bieber--the agony of defeat! USA to play Finland for Bronze. Canada to play Sweden for gold.

The Canada-USA game is on Friday, February 21 at 12:00 p.m. ET; 11:00 a.m. CT; 9:00 a.m. PT

The Sweden-Finland game is of less interest to North Americans but is big for them.  Update: Sweden wins and will face winner of Canada USA game.  

Streaming info for Friday's Canada USA game

NBC Live Stream

Update: DrewM at Ace gives his analysis (which is well worth reading) and predicts USA win.
Canada up 1 in 2nd period, with about 13:30 left. Final:  Canada wins 1:0 over USA.  We have to keep Bieber--the agony of defeat!  

Sochi Mascot still reeling over Russia's elimination...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Everything is Awesome: President Barack Obama shows his support for #Ukraine by indulging into some Chicken Kiev

The Ukrainian Government gets violent against mostly unarmed protesters: scores killed

Weeks of protests for freedom in Kiev, as predicted, are quickly escalating into deadly clashes.  The Ukrainian government, aligned with Vladimir Putin, are cracking down on unarmed protesters and using deadly force. The death toll is now exceeding fifty.  Is this a remnant battle of the cold war (unlike Mr. Will, I doubt it is the last one)?

TOM: Ukraine Unravels
The day we pretended to care about Ukraine...
Ukrainian priests pray at protests...
Protestors take Kiev, president flees to Russia border...
Ex premier Tymoshenko freed from prison...
Is freedom ringing in Kiev and Caracas?
Post at BSC News (about Ukraine and Venezuela)

HEARTBREAKING PHOTO: Medics sing national anthem as 12 bodies taken out of Hotel in Kiev. Via @pwaldieGLOBE

Separated at Birth: Hairy Creature that may frantically screw itself to death and...?

and, A newly discovered hairy marsupial
Hairy Creature who frantically might screw himself to death...

Okay, I am not being fair to the little hairy marsupial.

h/t: Hot Air

300: Rise of an Empire

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tweet of the Day: Maria Callas eating prosciutto Rule 5. Update with Norma Casta Diva aria


Sochi Men's Hockey Quarter Finals: Canada and USA games start time 12:00 ET Update: USA and Canada to face one another in semi finals. Sweden and Finland also advance to SF.

Here are the playoff brackets again.  Russia is out, falling to Finland. Sweden is in, crushing Slovenia.  
Canada vs. Latvia: 12 p.m. ET (MSNBC) – CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE
United States vs. Czech Republic: 12 p.m. ET (USA Network) – CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE

Canada Lativa 1:1 in the 2nd Period, about 8 minutes left (2nd over now)
USA Czech are 4:1 in the 2nd Period, about 10 minutes left (2nd over now).
Russia's Alex Ovechkin on elimination:  "It sucks, what else can I say..."
Blogmocracy has a hockey open thread.
Canada just scored so it is up 2:1 with about 7 minutes in the 3rd Period. Canada wins 2:1. 
USA is up 5:2 with about 5 minutes left in the 3rd.  USA wins in QF over Czechs, 5:2.  

Coral bleaching: what is the cause?

Bleached Coral Reef
For years coral bleaching has been blamed on global warming...
Oh there may be a human cause, but it is likely not due to climate change
Update Rule 5 (so if it is not global warming, what is bleaching the coral):


Here is an example of some other microaggressions examples:

Trust me, conservatives do understand what microaggression is all about.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sochi Olympic Hockey Brackets

I assume this means the losers of the QF play for Bronze and the finalists play for Silver and Gold...
No easy road (for anyone) for men's hockey gold...
USA and Canada to play for women's hockey gold...
Where and when to watch the Quarter Final Games...
At 3:00 a.m. EST, Slovenia will play Sweden, and at 7:30 a.m. EST, Russia will play Finland. Both games will be televised on NBCSN.
In the bottom half of the bracket:
Slovenia falls to Sweden 
Russians fall to Finland (ouch)
At 12:00 p.m. EST, Latvia will play Canada while the Czech Republic will play the United States. The Canada game will be televised on MSNBC, the U.S. game on USA.
The winners of each game will move on to Friday's semifinals, and the gold medal game will be held on Sunday.

Separated at Birth: Zoe Barnes and...? [Spoiler]

Saturday, February 15, 2014

E.J. Dionne gets schooled over Friedrich Hayek and The Road To Serfdom

Koko the Sign Language Using Gorilla
E.J. Dionne, Jr.

Instapundit and The Other McCain both have this story by Todd Zywicki at the Volokh Conspiracy (not hosted by the Dionne's own paper the Washington Post) on how E.J. Dionne got schooled (by his own comments) writing about Friedrich Hayek’s Road to Serfdom. It is pretty apparent that Dionne never read the Road to Serfdom and is completely ignorant of what that book is about.

Instapundit's post prompted this comment by me:

Richard McEnroe at TOM had this gem of a comment about Dionne...

Sochi Olympic Hockey: Team USA just beat Team Russia

Shoot Out Finish! Oshie scores to give USA a 3-2 victory!
This is a big deal (the Russians really wanted to win it all and especially pay us back for the Miracle on Ice).

NBC did not bother to air it live.

NY Times has this to say...  And the NY Post had this...

The Russians have not had a good week when it comes to skating...

Game of Thrones Season 4 Preview

Spoilers?  Other than in a very general sense, not really.  Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow, talks about Season 4. Then again we all know Jon Snow knows nothing. 

EBL: Emilia Clark Rule 5

Update (so what is really in store for Season 4):
Dance Wee Man, Dance!
So are these two getting together in Season 4?
Ellaria Sand (new character for Season 4, played by Indira Varma of HBO's Rome)