Tuesday, February 25, 2014

#JeremyClarkson describes punching #PiersMorgan


  1. I've only discovered Jeremy Clarkson in the last few months. I had seen the (seemingly endless) Top Gear marathons advertized on BBC America, of course, but I just assumed it would be another boring show with gearheads discussing things like compression and gear rations in transmissions.

    But a few months back I stopped on an episode and found out that it's really a series about travesties, and men behaving badly with a decent production budget. So now I'm watching it religiously.

    But now I know a little more of why I like Clarkson so much.

  2. Bloody 'ell, that needs subtitles. Speak English!

    1. You mean, "Speak American!"

      I often watch Top Gear with the subtitles on, though after a couple of months that's mostly because I don't always understand the British slang over the roar of motors. I'm also watching Sherlock again, so it's getting easy for me again.

      I went something similar the first time I watched Monty Python's Flying Circus when I was young. At first I could only understand about half of what was said, but after a few weeks it got to the point where I didn't have any problems. Now with some of the local dialects in Britain, it's a different story. And it's all complicated a touch by the ever-increasing tinnitus in my left ear. Ah, the wonders of going deaf!


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