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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

#DukePorn #BellaKnox and how Democrats are helping your daughters find fulfillment in higher education...or, you've come a long way baby!

The Other McCain is on this story with this and this post. Update:  Here is TOM's Special Snowflake post, Planned Parenthood promotes a bondage and S&M video for teens, and his Fairness vs. Feminism. Ms. Miriam Weeks got outed about her part time employment by a young gentleman at Duke University. Here is a NSFW (but tastefully edited) post at BSC News of a small selection of Ms. Week's part time work.  Here are a few more images:

Making her family proud...
So is this the new economy we have to look forward to?  Thank you Barack Obama and the Democrat Party for fighting the #WarOnWomen.  
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  1. Yes, I know that anyone who really wanted to find out her name could have found it. And I suppose that McCain has some major point to make, although I don't know what it is.

    But this is still a dick move by him.

    1. Dick move? Are you thinking of her co-star?

      McCain is not the one who outed her--it had gone viral at Duke and in the local media last week. If adults want to do porn to get through school or anything else, that is fine with me, but there is this weird hypocrisy of the left in freaking out when anyone gets judgmental about it (and I could not pass up the opportunity to use Sandra Fluke for my tasteful editing of Bella Knox's work).

    2. Yeah, I know. I saw the stories out of Duke, too. And yet, I wasn't motivated to either (a) investigate who she was or (b) tweet her identity to my followers. (And not just b/c I don't have any twitter followers, altho I don't.) And if RSM's justification is that he thought "everyone" already knew all this, then why did he think it was worth posting and tweeting?

      There's a big difference b/w being "judgmental" and being a creepy old man who tweets pics of young girls to slut-shame them.

    3. He has been on a rant about feminists and slut walk for a while. So he is consistent. He tweeted above it was less about her than about feminists jumping in. I shamelessly posted about it too.

  2. I find all of this to be very funny!!! Hell awaits u!!! Awww the police won't protect u aww so sad!! The porn ind is sopse to be all so powerdul why don't they protect u!!!????? So funny


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