Sunday, December 21, 2014

What is ailing the black community in the USA?

EBL: Two Cops Executed In Brooklyn 
Instapundit: How about that cop killing video?
Yankees pay for slain cop's kids' education
Instapundit: Islam a motiviation?
Michelle Malkin: Protesters get what they sought
TOM: NYT Obfuscates the real reason for this attack
Trooper York is also right about this:
Obama and De Blasio will never say “That could have been my son” about these cops. Because you know that their children or the children of any of the professors or journalists or pundits will ever be cops or fireman or soldiers. Cops and fireman come from the working class. Contrary to Obama and Holder and Sharpton and De Blasio they are not all racist white guys from Long Island. They are Spanish and Asian like the two cops who died. They are black like the sergeant who was in charge when Garner died. Working class men and woman with families who put their bodies between you and the criminal class like Michael Brown.
Those are the people who they hate. Those are the people who they want dead. Those are the people that they scorn. These murders are directly due to their actions. To hateful rhetoric and political posturing. They have blood on their hands.
Blaming cops just perpetuates the victimhood.   

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