Monday, December 22, 2014

Rubio Rising?

Making the Argument Against Obama's Cuba Policy:  

As Ace noted, the argument that fifty years of the same (which is what Obama is saying justifies his change in Cuba) is a persuasive sound bite.  But Rubio give a thoughtful and positioned response why that is wrong.  


  1. Cuba should be his metier, granted, so he won that round, but I doubt a lot of people will forgive him for shilling for Chuckie Schumer.

    1. He certainly has his challenges, but given the choice of him and Jeb and Fatty Carbuncle, it becomes easier to go with Rubio.

  2. The fact that he knows what his base in SoFla wants to hear doesn't lead me to change my view of him at all. He misread the national Repub base on immigration and had to backpedal like mad. I thought he was a pandering lightweight before this, and I still do.

    Anyway, Cuba just isn't that big a deal to me compared to the issues I agree w/ Rand Paul about.


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