Saturday, November 17, 2012

The challenge conservatives face with voters...

Jonah Goldberg is ready to throw in the towel and embrace compassionate conservatism.  I disagree with Jonah on this. There is nothing compassionate or conservative in adopting policies that undermine our principles and drive the economy lower.  Conservatives are right about limited government, but the dynamic represented in this experiment below is what makes voters a wee bit schizophrenic on the subject of "fairness."

Talking about monkeys, anything recommended by David Frum and David Brooks as "advice" to conservatives makes me want to throw things too.

Reagan's biggest mistake...
Does starving the beast increase the size of government?  The idea of raising taxes to make government smaller seems pretty damn counter intuitive...and the theory only works if everyone feels the increased tax pinch. Which is only...fair, hey, maybe those monkeys are onto something! 

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