Saturday, November 17, 2012

Girls Eating Twinkies: Rule 5

This would normally not be Rule 5.  It does not meet the extremely high standards of Rule 5.  But given the topical news of a union playing chicken with a company teetering on bankruptcy (and losing badly) here it is:
That looks like Hanna Simone having a Twinkie on the side...  

She does seem to have liked her Twinkie...too bad there aren't any more.

This video below is not exactly a great sell for Twinkies and could be a Hot Chicks with Douchebags post which did a RIP Twinkie post too...

The photos below are even less attractive than the video...

Mariah? Et tu?  Did Mariah eat the last Twinkie?  

Oh well life goes on.  While no more Twinkies, is there a substitute?


  1. First they came for the Twinkies...

    1. They will get a bit of a fight when they go for the bacon!


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