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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nevada undecided voters going with Romney?

Romney won with these Nevada voters.

Note why they did not like Barack Obama:  Obama could not defend his record.  

But the bigger issue (for me) was I did not hear Barack Obama give a vision for the future.

And it is not just Luntz' group...

MSNBC's undecided panel was more pro Romney?  Matthews afterwards even tried to pimp these Ohio voters but it remained one was for Romney, four were leaning Romney.  Of this Ohio panel, one was for Obama, two were leaning.


  1. Didn't see the MSNBC focus group. That's good news for Romney. Hopefully, when Obama loses, Chris Matthews will just be put away to the mental hospital where he belongs.

  2. The black guy talks about how African American issues are ignored. You can't figure this out, Black America? You vote about 90% Democrat...EVERY election. Therefore, the Dems know they own you and the Repub know they cannot sway you. So, why should either side address your issues? Blacks will keep voting Dem and, sadly, keep being ignored. I just hope they will finally realize why.

    1. That is absolutely true. The candidates fight for the votes that are being disputed. Hence the focus on Hispanics.

  3. "Most people thought it was a draw, Chris."

    That was funny.


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