Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Candy Crowley admits she over defended Obama...

I had to leave and listen to the debate on the radio (after about 10 minutes).  Listening to it, I thought Obama did well on immigration (but surprisingly Mitt did okay), but that Romney prevailed on economics and taxes.   Obviously Obama was better than last time, but Mitt still held his own.

But Libya stood out, especially with Candy Crowley's intervention.  First we had Barack Obama admitting the buck stopped with him (because of Hillary's statement).  Then when Romney went on the offensive over Libya, Crowley intervened on behalf of Barack Obama.  Turns out Crowley admits that Romney was actually right.

This will hurt Barack Obama over time.  Had Candy Crowley not intervened, Romney would have made his point.  But it would have been one point in the debate.  This elevated the issue.  This story is going to get bigger now because of this.

DaTechGuy did a good job of scoring the debate.
Luntz group says it is going for Romney:  Favorably impressed from Mitt Romney


  1. Obama won the debate big time. He's going to win the election.

  2. Obama is a complete loser. He will not win the election. America is waking up to this idiot.


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