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Monday, September 24, 2012

Elizabeth Warren practiced law without a license in Massachusetts?

Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection  has a great post that voters in Massachusetts should see. Elizabeth Warren made hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees working for insurance companies against asbestos victims in Massachusetts (consider the hypocrisy of Warren who claims to be a consumer protection advocate representing insurance companies).  The bigger problem is Elizabeth Warren was not licensed to practice law in Massachusetts (Warren is not a member of the Massachusetts bar). It is possible she could have been admitted for a single case if she was a member of another state bar, but there is no evidence that occurred.

The Democratic Underground is starting to panic.  Elizabeth Warren admits on the radio she had no law license in Massachusetts.  Breitbart has more.

Update:  Above the Law suggest that Warren was just a "legal clerk" and not subject to the rule.  Whether she filed pleadings or not remains to be seen.  ATL makes it clear its like Elizabeth Warren.  As far as federal trial courts goes, typically a federal court sitting in a state requires attorneys in front of it to be members of the state bar of that state or at least apply for approval to appear if not members.  And guess what, that is required in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts too.  So if Warren did appear in that case, she needed to apply pro hac vice first.

Professor Jacobson on the radio about Elizabeth Warren and the unauthorized practice of law.
Elizabeth Warren charged $675 an hour for her legal work.

Elizabeth Warren lied about being Native American and used that lie to get preferential hiring treatment at Harvard.  Now we find out she may have been practicing law without a license in Massachusetts, which is a criminal act.

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  1. Why is "The Great Pretender" going through my head just now??

  2. If the mainstream media doesn't cover this, then Walker is telling the truth.


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