Monday, September 24, 2012

Barack Obama: Ambassador Steven's death and the sacking of that U.S. consulate villa were just "bumps in the road..."

Road bumps?  Stevens was a Road bump?  Those other three Americans who were murdered are road bumps?  Your words Mr. President.  Hot Air and the Weekly Standard have more...

Meanwhile Robert Gibbs Fibbs is saying the Obama Administration did not lie or mislead on denying that the Libya attack was a planned terrorist operation.   This is despite the fact that Libyan officials said they gave the US prior notice of the attack.  And the only reason Barack Obama is getting away with this is only a few in the media are calling him on these lies.  For example: CBS cuts out when Barack Obama admits his campaign has said untrue things about Mitt Romney (hey, he has an election to win).  While the White House denounces a YouTube clip hardly anyone saw (making it more notorious and making the situation more volatile around the Muslim world) it accepts a million dollar donation from a guy who made an anti Islam film!

The White House and Barack Obama, however, have lashed out at CNN for publishing that Ambassador Stevens was concerned about being targeted in Libya, but the bigger questions remain unanswered by President Obama:

  • Why the State Department did not gather all remaining papers from the scene of Steven's death?  
  • What is being done to protect those Libyans who were working with the USA (whose names al Qaeda got when it over ran the house in Benghazi)?
  • What were Stevens and those CIA agents doing in Benghazi?  
  • Why was Ambassador Stevens without security when they knew Libya was dangerous, especially on the anniversary of September 11?  
  • Why were Stevens and the CIA agents targeted by al Qaeda?  
Obama's Flag of Shame (the Obama campaign promotion flag over the bloody hand prints left in Benghazi)

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  1. That from a guy whose Presidency will be known in history as a pimple on the ass of America.


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