Monday, September 24, 2012

Surprising reaction to Jimmy Kimmel asking at the Emmy show: "Who is voting for Mitt Romney?"

I did not bother to watch the Emmy show last night but The Blaze had this:

Jimmy's response does not make a lot of sense. I have not seen a voice tally like that since the DNC in Charlotte!


  1. Actually 40 Republicans and the rest 'Godless, liberal, homosexuals, just about lays out the reality in Hollywood.

    1. That is somewhat true! But there were a lot more than 40 people saying they were voting Romney at the Emmy Awards!

    2. The last time there was such an unexpected voice vote (other than the DNC in Charlotte) was when Nicolae Ceauşescu addressed the Romanian people in 1989 and the crowd turned on him(and he ended up being executed shortly thereafter).


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