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Monday, September 24, 2012

The scab NFL refs were the 12th man tonight...


Want to know my favorite statistic of Week 3 before Monday? Sixteen of 20 coach's challenges resulted in overturned calls, meaning officials made the wrong decision on 80% of some of the biggest plays. Think about that. 
Want to know my second-favorite statistic? When you crunch the numbers, if the NFL gave the locked-out referees everything they wanted, it would cost about $100,000 extra per team per season. That equals about four games' pay for one of a team's lowest-paid players. The owners are watching their sport burn because they won't improve the officials' compensation by about one-fourth the amount they would pay a backup guard? Think about that. 
OK, real quick, I've got a third-favorite statistic from last weekend. There were 13 penalty first downs in the game between the Patriots and the Ravens, which is only the most in the history of the NFL.
Rush Limbaugh explains how NFL review of touchdowns works:
So they reviewed it, and people don't understand how the replay works. The replay, the review, does not determine possession. It just determined did the ball hit the ground, everybody in bounds. The call on the field was a touchdown. That's not reversed, but they're just making sure that it was a score. It's just the way the replay rule is written. It's not to determine possession or any of that, this new rule on every touchdown being reviewed, it's just to make sure the play was clean. The call on the field stands.
Not ready for the Lingerie Football League... 

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