Friday, June 22, 2012

Elizabeth Warren gets a birthday present from the GOP: an account!


Elizabeth Warren refused to even send a staffer to meet with the Cherokee Delegation...
Elizabeth Warren is almost certainly not Native American at all.  The only connection so far shown between her and the Cherokee Nation is that one of her relatives helped round up Cherokees for the Trail of Tears.    Her proof of being Native American?  She says she has high cheek bones.  And she contributed recipes to Pow Wow Chow (which happened to be plagiarized and recipes that Cole Porter and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor used to like).  Yet she has tried to claim to be a "person of color" in terms of her being hired by the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard.  And today just happens to be her birthday...

The GOP just got an account for Elizabeth Warren on her birthday!  Happy Birthday Elizabeth Warren!  Don't worry they will not take it back...that would be Indian giving.  

Update:  Real Indian Women speak out against Elizabeth Warren

h/t Instapundit


  1. Indians can be snobs. If you can't prove your ancestor's name is on one of the rolls then you can forget it. Only Indians and dogs have to prove their pedigree. I know. I have Indian ancestors. Many of those on the rolls are listed by their Indian name only. If my ancestors are on a roll I wouldn't know. If it was passed down by word of mouth it is likely true as it was something to hide and deny way back then.

    1. I hear Democrats from Harvard can be snobs too. I understand that getting tribal recognition is often not easy. The point is Elizabeth Warren has no connection to the Cherokee, other than her claimed family history. Which at best makes her 1/32 and it strongly appears even that is not true. Because of the trail of tears, there is a lot of documentation of who is and isn't Cherokee. Elizabeth Warren's only connection to that event is one of her direct ancestors helped round up the Cherokee in Tennessee to march them to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears.

  2. What is her Indian name??? LOL 0bama is Chief lies a lot!!


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