Friday, June 22, 2012

Stay classy lefty gay activists...

Stay classy lefty gay activists...
Angry and bitter is not a good strategy for them in November...
Beyond being wrong, it is also stupid.   Is this the "new civility" that Barack Obama is promoting.  You are trying to convince people to your cause, so you decide to alienate people by giving to "the finger" to a President who is dead?  Why?  Ronald Reagan was not homophobic (what prompted Reagan to act on AIDS was when his and Nancy's friend Rock Hudson got ill).  Ronald Reagan did not cause the AIDS crisis.  While Reagan arguably, in hindsight, could have done more that is true for everyone at the time (including Tony Kushner).  Reagan and the Republicans did fund the National Institute of Health on research and did liberalize FDA regulation to allow expedited research studies (without restrictions) and it was those actions that allowed the disease to be dealt with.

So to the Tony Kushners, Dan Savages, Matthew "Matty" Hart, Zoe Strauss, and other lefty gay activists trying to blame AIDS deaths on Republicans and conservatives: blame your own community, if anyone, for not addressing the sexual aspect of AIDS sooner.  AIDS and HIV is a virus that spread out of West Africa.  It spread due to changes in air travel. bush meat trade, changes in sexual morays, etc..  To the extent promiscuous sex played a role in the spread of AIDS in Western gay communities (via Patient Zero, etc.) while complicated, is well documented.   Ronald Reagan is not to blame.  You want us (through public dollars) to fund this research and then you act like this?  Are you insane?

And George W. Bush!  What!  Are you kidding me?  George W. Bush did more for AIDS prevention and treatment than anyone (and more than Bill Clinton and Barack Obama combined).  


  1. The requirement to stay angry - or worse - violent, no wonder so many leftists behave like they are mentally ill...

    1. I admire happy warriors. These folks are bitter!


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