Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to Refuse Police Searches

Other than occasional speeding, I do not break the law.  But you can always be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and this is very good advice.  Never voluntarily consent to a search.  You might be the most law abiding person in the world but someone may have left something in your vehicle you do not know about.  There are certain constitutional protections that are waived if you agree to a search.   Be polite.  But you gain nothing by agreeing to it and lose a lot of protections.  Do not agree to a search.  If you ever are arrested, ask to speak to a lawyer.  Then be quiet.  Again, be polite and cooperative.
h/t:  The Agitator
Other civil liberties in the news:  11th Circuit Appeals Court decision on searches/computers
The NY Times holds pity party for stupid dopehead kid... (he should have paid attention to my advice)

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  1. I know this for a fact. DO NOT CONSENT TO A SEARCH. In the presence of LEO's, do not speak and if questioned request your attorney and then shut your hole. Trust me on this, my wife and I were the victims of two break-ins, I wound up pulling 3 weeks in county because I forgot those rules.

    BTW, just found your blog via comments at WZ. You're going on my blogroll immediately.


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