Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gasoline prices spike: President Obama offers algae as an alternative fuel? Meanwhile Mahmoud Ahmedinejad asks, "Who run barter town?"

The above video clip is provided as a parody of Mahmoud "Master Blaster" Ahmadinejad making such a demand...  You think that little clown is a trouble maker now, wait till he has some nuclear weapons to hide behind.   The U.S. is pressuring Israel not to act in Iran.  But hey, the Obama administration want to negotiate.  Of course the current Iranian leadership is reasonable...they just sentenced an Iranian Christian convert to death by stoning.  Hey, maybe the left admires the way those Iranians deal with those Christianists!  
If only there were an alternative substance that the Obama Administration had in abundance that produces gas....hmmmm
The White House denied it killed the Keystone Pipeline, even though it absolutely did.  And Obama friends benefited from that.  President Obama then offered that our future is oil made from algae.  Algae fuel costs about $33 a gallon.  Wouldn't it be smarter to use our own native oil and natural gas until the algae fuel is affordable?  It has been the goal of the Obama Administration to have gasoline prices as high as they are in Europe.  And maybe some other "Friends of Obama" will get the algae fuel gig!  There is plenty of money to be made in green energy.  Yet the Obama Administration has made it its goal to restrict domestic energy development.  

Meanwhile, the U.S. Army burns Korans that were desecrated by Muslim detainees.  The Taliban are encouraging rioting and killing U.S. Soliders, and President Obama is apologizing for that?  The Taliban when in power in Afghanistan regularly executed homosexuals, mutilated women, destroyed and desecrated cultural heritage, and murdered children.   Newt Gingrich rightly calls that apology an outrage.  



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