Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is there a Ron Paul and Mitt Romney deal?

Is Rand part of a Paul-Romney deal?  
There seemed to be more than a little simpatico tonight between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney in going after Rick Santorum.   Mark Levin and William Jacobson noticed signs of it before the debate tonight.  Jeff Goldstein is also noticing the pattern.  Although Professor Jacobson is probably right about this: "Paul doesn’t need promises now. He’ll do his bargaining when he is at maximum power, which will be in a couple of months."  Still, for this to work Ron Paul needs to make sure Mitt Romney is leading going into the convention (but weakened enough that he has to deal with Paul).  They both want Rick Santorum out.  

There was a suggestion post debate that Ron Paul was offered a vice president spot with Mitt Romney, but that seems implausible.  But a deal to give Rand Paul the vice presidency spot?  Still unlikely, but perhaps.  Of course the argument would be is Romney acting "Mavricky" out of desperation.  I was going to use the analogy of Ron Paul like Tessio and Mitt Romney like Barzini...but it is not even that dramatic.  This may be just Huckabee and McCain '08 again.  And we know how that turned out.  

I have argued that Santorum should be less hostile to libertarians (even Sarah Palin argued for it generally for the GOP)...well it looks like Mitt is taking up the advice.
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