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Friday, March 1, 2024

Dune: Part Two (Review)

D:2 was very good. It was a late show, so I was falling asleep at times. It was mostly faithful to the novel and did not have the campiness of the David Lynch film (he apparently still hates it although I have always liked it). It does complete Dune: Part One and leaves itself open to a sequel. Which apparently Dune Messiah is already greenlighted.  

I suspect Dune: Part Two will do well at the box office, but it is not so accessable to those who are not fans of the material to begin with. It has it's flaws, but mostly a faithful and well done adaptation (which is hard to pull off).  

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  1. I saw Dune 2 yesterday and concluded that it has several deep flaws.

    First, it portrays Chani as a girl boss in constant conflict with Paul. It does so when by way of Paul's prescient revelation, it becomes apparent that if he's going to stop a massive series of planetary genocides, he must make himself Emperor by marrying Princess Irulan. In the book, Lady Jessica reassures Chani that she too was a concubine who was never married by her Duke Leto but that history would identify both of them as wives not concubines. Finally, in the book Paul tells Chani directly that Princess Irulan will never know him intimately and that theirs will be nothing but a marriage of political necessity. Dune 2's final scene shows Chani running off in high dudgeon over Paul's imminent marriage to Princess Irulan. Chani's apparent slight and consequent flight, destroys the intimacy and trust of the relationship of Dune's two most important characters. Girl boss feminism mars the revelation of character and motive. Let's not even examine how Dune 2 portray's Chani as being unremittingly hostile to Paul when there's no evidence in the book of anything other than Chani's initial suspicion of an unknown stranger which is quickly replaced by love.

    Secondly, in the Dune novel Feyd-Rautha is homosexually raped by Baron Harkonnen from early adolescence on into becoming an adult. The book makes clear that Feyd-Rautha is probably a sociopath but leaves open whether that is as an inevitability given his nature or if it's as a direct lineal consequence of being the subject of a pedophile's constant unavoidable lust. The book's plot was altered to avoid the unavoidable inference that homosexuality and pedophilia are irretrievably linked.

    Third, we should have seen this coming given that Dune 1 unilaterally changed the sex of Imperial Planetologist, Liet Kynes from male to female for no reason whatsoever except to satisfy feminist notions of status.

    There are a number of other deviations between the movies and the book. Many are minor but there's an annoyingly woke agenda appended to the rest of these alterations of the novel. I regard Dune as the best science fiction novel ever written and my most specific criticism of this movie version is because (like the two or three movie/TV predecessors) its mutilation of characters and plot is done deliberately in service to the woke agenda.

    1. Fair criticism. This movie made Feyd-Rautha more sympathetic than the character in the Lynch movie. I am not surprised they veered away from the pedo-homosexual theme (they mostly avoided it). They just made the Baron a violent psychopath and there is an implication that extends to the Beast and Feyd, either genetically, from nurture, or both.

      I liked the gravitas of Dr. Knynes in the Lynch movie, the actress who plays that role in the Dune Part 1 was ok, but agree not the same.

      The new Chani was also not believable. Why would she have this great insight on how the Beni Gesserit manipulate populations? It was not a deal breaker, but it was distracting from the story.


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