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Friday, November 17, 2023

AI generated "women" are screwing lonely men out of lots of money


If you are paying a "dating app" to meet women, chances are you are being scamed.  In figuring out if somneone is AI: 

Experts say you should also look for uneven tooth shapes or earrings that look unusual.
"But AI cannot render them symmetrically in a good enough manner. So one of the earrings will be missing, or will have a different size," Botezatu added.

Extra fingers are also a give way, unless you know your "girlfriend" is polydactyl. Also if she is completely out of your league and you have not met her, she is probably AI or not real.  And if you want some real protip advice--don't meet women on line. But if you do go on line to initially meet some one, at least set up a simple live lunch date (live means in person) and go from there.  

And even if live, if some "girlfriend" asks for you money beyond you paying for drinks, dinner, or a movie on a date...there is a word for that. She is not your "girlfriend." 

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