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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Marianne Faithfull and Lord Byron: She Walks In Beauty

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Woodsterman: Rule 5

.357 Magnum: Sat Link

Bacon Time: Ja, Beer Time

Daily Gator: Doug's Old Site

American Elephants: Legal way

Powerline: The Week In Pictures

24 Femmes Per Second: Eve Miller

Feral Irishman: Friday Femme Fatale

Animal Magnetism: Gingermageddon

The Right Way: Saturday Link-O-Rama

Hogewash: Bob Belvedere, RIP and Quote

Proof Positive: Proof Positive, The Angelus

Diogenes Middle Finger: ChiCom Spy Gimpus

Pirate's Cove: If all you see... and Sorta Blogless Pinup

A View From The Beach: Theresia Fischer and Fish Pic Friday

Rush Limbaugh: Never Let the World Forget What Happened on D-Day

Knuckledraggin My Life Away: I'm sure she's taken men and I’ll leave you with this

TOM: In The Mailbox: 05.16.23In The Mailbox: 05.15.23I, For One, Welcome Our New Anti-White Racist Asian Academic OverlordsCrazy People Are DangerousIn The Mailbox: 05.12.23In Terms of ‘Owning the Libs,’ Nobody Else Even Compares to Donald Trump, and Gregory William Robert Fulchino, R.I.P.

A collection of sites known for appreciation of Rule 5 and streaming through the Wuhan Coronacalypse:  

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