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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

You know it is bad when the Biden Administration calls you corrupt 🤔😬


Hey, it is not like we haven't known forever (well at least since the fall of the Soviet Union) that there is a lot of corruption in Ukraine. Still, I sort of remember the freak out over Trump raising this in a telephone call regarding Bidens. Suddenly the Biden Administration is all concerned about Zelensky corruption?  

I know corruption is endemic in Russia and Ukraine. Still, I support Ukraine because Russia attacked it. While I do not support U.S. troops in harms way, I do support Ukraine being supported to fight back and resist the invasion.  

But now we have allegations of Ukrainian officials funneling money for their own personal gain? Politically, that will not stand with most U.S. taxpayers.  

How bad is it for Biden to go there publically? The WH is likely Friedman's source. The Ukrainians presumably know a lot of bad stuff about Hunter Biden. Things of course worse for the Ukrainians, because a withdraw of US aid and support now would be redoux of South Vietnam circa 1975. Talk about a disaster.  

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