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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The Staircase

A bit slow but interesting crime drama. I almost turned it off, but it paid out in the end.

History vs. Hollywood: The Staircase

Woodsterman: Rule 5

.357 Magnum: Sat Link

Daily Gator: Doug's New Site

Animal Magnetism: Gingermageddon

The Right Way: Saturday Link-O-Rama

Hogewash: Bob Belvedere, RIP and Quote

Diogenes Middle Finger: Biden Scapegoat Wanted

American Elephants: Tucker Carlson and Biden Rant

Pirate's Cove: If all you see... and Sorta Blogless Pinup

Mad Irishman: Socialized Medicine and Impeachment Time?

A View From The Beach: Lauryn Bocook and Fish Pic Friday

Proof Positive: Being objectiveQuote du jour, and Best of the Web

Rush Limbaugh: Never Let the World Forget What Happened on D-Day

Feral Irishman: Friday Femme FataleUvalde Comments, and Sounds about right

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: Hot Pick, Girls With Guns, Morning Mistress and Blogs With Rule 5 Links

EBL: MAGA MUSK☀️, Bob Belvedere, RIP 😢 and Don't Deny The Science: DIE HARD IS A CHRISTMAS MOVIE 🎅🎄🔥

Mark Steyn: Michael Mann, Loser (Again), War in Europe 1 and 2...9...12Oogie OogieAce HighIncompetence as a FrontThe Indispensable ManRemembering RushShaidle Among The StarsKathy's World

TOM: Orange Man Bad!’ Trump Still Living Rent-Free in the Left’s Collective Head, ‘The NPR Tote Bag Set’: Liberal White Guys and Their Target Audience, Max Boot and Allahpundit Are Very Worried About Our Friends in Ukraine, In The Mailbox: 06.13.22‘Far-Right Extremists’ Alert!Inside the Biden BubbleHe Was Yelling About His ‘Rights’In The Mailbox: 06.10.22Bye, Felicia!In The Mailbox: 06.09.22 (Evening Edition)Crazy or Evil? We Report, You DecideNorms Restored: FBI Now Literally Arresting Republican CandidatesGregory William Robert Fulchino, R.I.P.

A collection of sites known for appreciation of Rule 5 and streaming through the Wuhan Coronacalypse:  

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