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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Comply or Die: Clapton, Rogers, Van Morrison ☣️💉🎸🏈😷


This Has Got To Stop (not the free speech, the coercion and lockdowns)

Colorado is currently having a huge spike in Covid, even though the vast majority of people are vaccinated. Why is that?  Are they all getting the Rona from the dirty unwashed un-vaxed minority?  Or are the vaxed passing the virus to the other vaxed?  And if the vaccine is so good, why isn't it preventing transmission (or as touted) serious consequences? There is a lot of false and incomplete information being tossed around the the media is not to be trusted. 

Nothing is 100%. Like anything these so called Covid 19 vaccinations (which are not really what we typically think of as vaccinations) are experimental and while of some real benefit overall statically and also present some real documented risk. I am not anti vax, if you want take them (I did), but I also recognize everything has risk and you should have the freedom to decide what to stick in your body or your children's bodies (or not).  

Clapton, Rogers, and Van Morrison are attacked for having the temerity to say no (or in Clapton's case point out the complications he got when he got jabbed). Terry Bradshaw, fuck you too. And Clapton and Van Morrison are not just questioning coerced compliance over vaccinations, but also the lock downs in general.  Well we have some science on that, in the example of Sweden. No lockdowns and they did as good or better than the majority with strict lockdowns. Follow the science! Science is not about absolute (it is not black or white). The scientific method is a means of getting at a truth by objective experimentation and analysis. Right now, we are all part of that experiment (whether we like it or not). 

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