Monday, June 7, 2021

Covid-19: "God’s gift to the Left" The left and media lied, people died. ☣️😷😡


God did not have anything to do with Covid-19 (that quote above is from Jane Fonda), but the virus laboratory in Wuhan almost certainly did. Facui and others from the Center for Disease Control contributed too. The left lied about Covid-19 origins, lied about effective treatments, all to get Donald Trump out of office. Think about that.

Even Andrew McCarthy says that proof of a lab leak for Covid-19 is "beyond a reasonable doubt." Yet his fellow National Review members and alumni were closer to Jane Fonda's position last year than this. We need more Republicans speaking out on this.  

Mark Steyn: Caving In

Sarah Hoyt: I TOLD YOU SO

Chicks on the Right: Top Chinese Military Scientist Mysteriously Dies Only Weeks After Filing COVID Vaccine Patent In Early 2020


  1. I'm from a long line of Jaded New Yorkers who know that Fauci will never face consequences for his outright lies that cost so many lives. He's still got a halo on his head over at MSNBC, now blaming science deniers for criticism of his emails.

    I remain unvaccinated. My choice. Hubby is vaccinated. Adult children are 3 yes and 1 no. Their spouses are 4 for 4 yes. None of their children is old enough to be vaccinated.

    I am happy for those who chose yes but I'd like others to accept my choice to say no. Doesn't seem to happen tho so I've, on occasion, lied.

    1. I hope you are wrong about Fauci facing consequences, but you are likely right about that. And it is your right to choose on vaccination. I am ok with the vaccines (most of them), but given everything we have seen, that this is an experimental treatment (and the lies) it is rational not to take the shot too.


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