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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Fungus Among Us: Cicada Genitals Falling Off 🙀☣️🤯


I thought it interesting how NPR is so concerned that the cicada's are hypersexualized yet feeling no pain (as if the later makes it ok). The thought of becoming zombies and genital regions and abdomens falling off due to fungus does not sound like it is a good outcome for the cicadas in question. Shouldn't those cicada mask up and wear cicada sex protection?  

Instapundit asks why it is ok for NPR to presume these insects' gender. I am not a fan of the WaPo, but a headline describing infected cicadas as "sex craved salt shakers of death" is pretty good writing.  

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Jean Paul Gaultier Cicada Inspiration

Not to be too judgmental, but how is this tattoo attractive? 

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