Monday, June 19, 2017

Song of the Cicada

Cicada Songs are a song of love... and sometimes distress

Some don't like cicadas, but I find them fascinating. I like the sound they make. It reminds me of past springs and summers and makes me be in the moment when I hear them.    

Brood VI in Wisconsin and beyond, as well as Brood X stragglers

EBL: Cicadas, by the billions, burst out of Chris Christie's belly and swarm New Jersey and the Sound of Kushner

While it really is 17 years between swarms (for most cicadas in the eastern half of North America), there are a few that come out early and late.  Plus different swarms can overlap ranges, making it seem like the cicadas come at a more frequent cycle.  Makes sense genetically and biologically, you want different swarms just in case one gets wiped out.

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