Friday, January 29, 2021

Trading Places 🤑


Trading Places and Instapundit: Explaining GameStop...

What is going on with GameStop is the hedge funds selling it short, and Reddit upstarts driving the price of the stock up. Sadly the reality is the establishment and tech industry are doing everything they can to back and bail out the hedge funds and screwing over the little guys. If they don't by the end of today, the hedge funds lose billions. Do they realize that this sort of thing only makes the populist opposition more angry and more focused? They don't care, right now they are just panicked they are on the losing end of things. 

I hope the Reddit guys win (of course a lot of Wall Street insiders profited too). This fight is wild and is still going on now. If the little guys win, my message to hedge fund managers is...learn to code. 

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