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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

King Fishers: A Review


I happened to stumble across this reality show competition on NatGeo. It is not enough to make me renew Disney+, but if you have it, this show is entertaining. The premise is they get three skilled fishermen (and women) who then travel to each other's local and fish. They are going all over the world to catch fish. They are judged on fish caught and hosting skills. It's entertaining in a time where there is not a lot to do (due to covid).

I am amazed how sad fishing is in England (granted I am getting a limited view point of it from this show, but still). Other than heading north to Scotland for Atlantic salmon (which of course is not England), it seems like the only choice is catching carp or "match fishing" for tiny bream. Yet the show demonstrates you don't have to go that far, there is great fishing in Scandinavia, Spain and Italy (beyond Scotland and Ireland). My advice to UK fisher folks is learn to travel more. Update: They did do an episode in SW England, fishing for pike which was pretty good. 

There is not a lot of eye candy on this show (at least for the guys). There are a few ladies, but it is mostly it features guys fishing. I threw in a few shots below for Rule 5 purposes: 

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