Saturday, March 28, 2020

Where did Covid-19 Come From? 🤔😬🇨🇳 🦇🐼🐒🐦🐭😷☣️

Instapundit: Pangolin Coronavirus

We all know where Covid-19 came from. It came from Wuhan, China, and almost certainly from a wet market there (either the transmission happened from animal to human in the market, or one of the workers there started transmitting it to fellow humans there). Given the nature of the virus, the source is likely bats, with possible transmission through pangolins or civet cats.  

These markets are devestating endangered species (like pangolins, but many others). If the centralized rulers in China are so efficient (I am looking at you Tom Friedman) why don't they ban these markets and crack down on this trade?

Instapundit: Eat Fewer Bats and Time for China to come clean on its bio labs (there is a biolab in Wuhan)

Progressive Farmer: Rat Restaurants in China

EBL: China's Bat Woman Shi Zhengli 🦇🇨🇳🍜 😷☣️👩🏻‍⚕️

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