Saturday, March 14, 2020

Crystal Yifei Liu and Wuhan Coronavirus 😷😬☣️🇨🇳 刘义飞 武汉冠状病毒

Apparently media whores like Jim Acosta now says it is xenophobic to mention that Covid-19 started in Wuhan, China. Why? The disease did start in Wuhan, China. So calling it Chinese Coronavirus or Wuhan Flu is not racist--it is just shorthand for where it did in fact first manifest itself. Jim Acosta himself used the term Wuhan Coronavirus back in January. And given the Chinese are now trying to blame the US for the disease--you are damn strait I will call it Wuhan Flu or Chinese Coronavirus (or Chinese Covid-19).  Jim Acosta is not only an asshole--he is also just a bad human being.

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Crystal Liu Yifei is from Wuhan (she was born there but is an American citizen now). Her granmother still lives there and it is the epicenter of this disease outbreak. I hope her grandmother is ok. She is also staring in the new Mulan live action movie.  

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