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Monday, March 23, 2020

Restaurants on the Edge: Karin Bohn

I would recommend you read and get out in the sun more (walking in sunlight helps) in your self isolation, but tv binge watching is going to be part of your entertainment plans for the next few weeks. I am generally not into reality shows, but this one is sort of interesting (if only if it acts as a virtual travel show).  And it combines what most of us are doing now: cooking.

Karin Bohn does the interior design make overs in these restaurants. So here she is.

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  1. And they couldn't find a good looking woman to host it?

    1. You have to watch it to get the vibe. She is way flirty with the guys. I am surprised she hasn't been slapped by one of the wives or girlfriends.

    2. You did make me laugh with that comment!


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