Sunday, November 24, 2019

What's Happening in Sweden?: Meet Midia Moloudpoor 🇸🇪🇮🇷

Mida Moloudpoor: Swedish Christian but threatened with deportation to Iran. With all the bombings and trouble in Sweden (and the lack of deportation for criminals and terrorists)--you'd think they wouldn't deport anyone, but you would be wrong.

Ms Moloudpoor is not the only one. Christians are fair game to getting deported back to countries like Iran. This happening in Great Britain, Germany, and elsewhere in Western Europe.

CBN: Disregarding Danger: Sweden to deport Christian to Iran

American Thinker: It is not just in Sweden: Democrat Cold War on Christianity Heating Up

NYT: Australia's "immoral" favoritism of Christian refugees over Muslims ("smart" is a better term)

CNN: Trump will prioritize Christians refugees in the United States (CNN says it like its a bad thing)

Blazing Cat Fur: ‘Grey Zone’: Cooperation Between Jihadists, Criminals Behind Spate of Blasts, Swedish Analyst Claims.

Midia Moloudpoor is resisting being deported back to Iran

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