Thursday, September 26, 2019

What Is CrowdStrike? 🌩️🤔🤯

There are lots of "coincidences" and links between the Deep State, Democrats, Comey and Muller, Tech Oliarchs, and CrowdStrike is a big part of that. If you are wondering what the Democrats seem to be freaking out about--this is it.  

This is bigger than Biden. Way bigger. If the truth comes out, the Democrats likely have good reason to freak out--because of their own criminal behavior.  

TOM: Democrats ‘Careening from Impeachment Theory to Impeachment Theory’, Impeachment Madness, and Ukraine! Ukraine! Ukraine!

Rush Limbaugh: The "whistleblower" is CIA Brennan plant and Millions of Americans seethe with rage over attack on President

Don Surber: Obama Is Behind Impeachment and Democrats deflecting from Iran successes

Instapundit: The Democrats don't want to take about Biden in 2016 and Biden Corruption

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