Wednesday, September 25, 2019

So who is behind "kneecapping" Joe Biden? 🤔

Actually, Elizabeth Warren perfers the term "scalping."

While she benefits in the short term from Joe Biden's problems with Ukraine, I doubt Elizabeth Warren is behind this. Democrats know they are very vulnerable (they must also know Elizabeth Warren would be another Kerry or Dukakis).

Is someone else the culprit. I know she said no, but never say never. Then again, could this individual be behind this? She can't be that drunk to think she has a chance (but you never know)?

Update: Baldilocks make a good case for Trump doing this. She lays out her points on her twitter thread.

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats can't believe they failed to take out Trump already and Two-fer

EBL: Delicious Ukrainian Recipes and Clinton and Warren plotting against Biden?

Don Surber: Obama Is Behind Impeachment and Ukraine is another Shapiegate

Camp of the Saints: The Hunter is not the Hunted: Joe Is

AoSHQ: Morning Report 09.26.19

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