Sunday, September 22, 2019

Biden says he will beat Trump like a drum 🥁🤦🏻‍♀️


How Adorable. Biden is building excitement like Jeb!

Biden is in trouble. The attack on Trump over Ukraine is already boomeranging back on Biden. Maybe that was the intent all along. Elizabeth Warren is now leading in Iowa

Are the Democrats that stupid to think after almost three years of telling us Trump is colluding with the Russians he is really colluding with the anti-Russian Ukrainians? Rudy Giuliani spoke to the Ukrainians about Joe and Hunter Biden in Ukraine? To channel some Andrew Brietbart, the response to this is,"So?" 

The left leaning media breathlessly continue to report on these Ukrainian allegations as if it hurts Trump--even if they have to admit there is no evidence of quid pro quo by Trump. But the shenanigans that Hunter Biden was involved with in Ukraine--and Vice President Joe Biden's involvement--that is very real and can't be avoided by reporting on this story. Oh--and John Kerry's son was involved too. And all of this happened on Obama's watch with his approval (not a scintilla of scandal there). 

Update:  Don Surber says Kobuchar will benefit most from this. It seems like Warren fires up Democrat more--but Surber does make a good argument. We will see. 

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