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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

OMD: Enola Gay

Songfacts: OMD: Enola Gay

The song is anti dropping the atomic bomb. While I wish the bomb did not have to be dropped on Hiroshima or NagasakiI understand why those events had to happen. It ended the war sooner and saved lives (both Allied and Japanese). I also wish Pearl Harbor did not happen. 

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Here's a couple of other videos that explain why Hiroshima was justified.


  1. A teacher is teacher her six grade class, and she says today's lesson is American History.
    She asks "which US president said 'ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country?'".
    She looks up to a blank stare, except for one Japanese kid in the front row, waiving his hand back and forth.

    She gives it 30 seconds, and then says, "OK Hiroshi, what's the answer?"

    Hiroshi replies, "that was John F. Kennedy, inaugural address, January 20, 1961."

    She says "that's correct! But I'm appalled at the rest of you. Hiroshi was born in Japan and only came to the US six months ago. He has shown that he knows his math better than all of you, he has show that he knows his science better than all of you, and now he has proved that he knows his American History better than all of you. What do you have to say to that?"

    A voice from the back says "f**k the Japanese!" The teacher wheels around and snaps "who said that?"

    The voice from the back, says "Harry Truman, August 6th 1945!"

  2. Just for the true historic record. After the great Tokyo fire raids of march 1945. Raids that killed a minimum 3 hundred thousand people and burned 66 square miles of Tokyo. (more than both "A" bombs). The Japanese Government tried 12 times to surrender. The US WOULD NOT RESPOND until after the testing of both bomb on what were then civilian (undefended) targets. The Bomb Aim Point for Hiroshima was a children's hospital. The Bomb aim point for Nagasaki was the largest catholic church in Asia. Both cities were filled with refugees. The true death toll will never be known as the US military and the AEC forced the civilian population to live on top of the radioactive ruins for decades as an experiment. The experiment was to find out how long it took humans to die living at, on, or near, "Ground Zero". The Atomic Bombing of Japan was competently unneeded to "win" the war. THE ONLY REASON FOR DOING IT was to show the Russians that we would, and to test the new super weapon. It was a war crime as bad or worse than anything done by the Nazis---Ray P.S. The Japanese Government started trying to surrender right after the fall of Saipan. In mid 1944. It was decided that we would not negotiate until AFTER Japan had been "Crushed". Every person that died from September 1944 on in the PTO died for nothing but the power of evil old men. I get my information from period publications--you know the truth. Not our current revised history(propaganda)

    1. Bullshit. Where are your links and authority for that position? That is not the "true historic record" about Japan willing to surrender.

      You are right about the toll firebombing did to Tokyo. The Japan Government was adament it would not unconditionally surrender.

      You are a liar. But ultimately, I care more about the Marines, Air Crews and others who would have had to invade Japan to get a surrender without atomic weapons than the actual bombings.

    2. My thoughts exactly, Evi.....................

    3. All the Japanese had to do was to broadcast on their radio systems , "We surrender." It would have been picked up in multiple nations , not all friendly to the US , and hostilities , or at least open negotiations , would have started immediately . Use of an atom bomb by the US at that point would have generated worldwide condemnation .

      "Anonymous" is either delusional , or an outright liar .

    4. The original documentation of everything I wrote can be found in the nation archive of the State Department. The National Archive of the United States, and the National Archive of the Swiss government, who the Japanese asked to intercede with the allies from mid june 1944 until the end. If you have the personal integrity to look any of this up you will find that not only am I not a liar. But unlike brain washed worshipers of genocide and military government. I am willing to look for and speak truth. Even to a hate filled racist. You have no idea what you are talking about. BTW. The US Nave shot first. We began attacking German subs in 1939 and Japanese shipping in early 1941. The only "suprise" in the attack of 12/7/41 was that it took place at Pearl Harbor and not Manila where that communist scumbag FDR planed to have the Japanese strike. They say that history is written by the victors and believed by idiots. Your "history is pure pro genocide propaganda. So how many more little brown children do you dream of burning alive? How long would you force them to live in the radioactive rubble? You need to take a good long look at your heart lady. Before the almighty does it for you. EVIL BLOG LADY is a good name for someone as vile as you. I'll say a little prayer for you. You need it. May God forgive you for the scum you have made of yourself.

  3. Maybe in a couple days you can use this song for the bombing of Nagasaki. It was supposedly written about that event. According to Black Francis of the Pixies in an early interview he said that is what it's about. In subsequent years he said that it wasn't. Who knows? I prefer to think that it is about the bombing and pick things out of the lyrics that fit the story such as boxcar (Bock's Car) and "outside we wait til face turns blue" (waiting for the weather to clear).........

    Outside there's a box car waiting
    Outside the family stew
    Out by the fire breathing
    Outside we wait 'til face turns blue
    I know the nervous walking
    I know the dirty beard hangs
    Out by the box car waiting
    Take me away to nowhere plains
    There is a wait so long
    You'll never wait so long
    Here comes your man
    Here comes your man
    Here comes your man
    Big shake on the box car moving
    Big shake to the land that's falling down
    Is a wind makes a palm stop blowing
    A big, big stone fall and break my crown


  4. Right , "Anonymous" , right .

    Now entertain us all by explaining how Unit 731 , and the Nanjing Massacre, were all really the fault of the US .

  5. Anonymous, you are a delusional cowardly nutbugger. Calling me genocidal and racist is bad, but that is how you Antifa trolls roll. But I will do a post just for you!

    BTW, rather than say "go to National Archieves" which is like saying go to the New York Public Library, how about back up for your outlandish claims?


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