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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Thieving Tiana Lowe and the Washington Examiner: Steal the Ilhan Omar marriage fraud story from David Steinberg, Alpha News, and Powerline without proper credit...🤔

Did Tiana Lowe steal the Ilhan Omar story from David Steinberg, Powerline, and Alpha News and then dis them?  

If so, then Tiana Lowe really needs to clean up her act.  

Similarly, the Washington Examiner -- having mostly passed on our Omar story for three years until the Star Tribune deemed it an acceptable topic -- flew a reporter to Minneapolis. The reporter published an article on Omar which was a duplicate of virtually all of our work as well. It was touted by the reporter as an “EXCLUSIVE”. The reporter praised herself on social media for flying to Minneapolis and finding so much evidence in just 48 hours.

Why wouldn't the Washington Examiner and Tiana Lowe give some credit to David Steinberg, Alpha News, Powerline for covering this story?  Really shameful conduct by Tiana Lowe. She then goes on to claims "Trump Alt-Right hacks hacked it..." (she did acknowledge some credit to Alpha News).

I am glad this story is getting more coverage. We still have media trying to pretend it is all false. Tiana Lowe should still be crediting David Steinberg and Powerline rather than bragging she broke this story as an "exclusive" (when clearly she did not). Claiming that "many of the first people who jumped on this story did so without evidence & with malicious intent" (when those people were David Steinberg and Powerline) is just crap weasel behavior by Tiana Lowe.

Thieving Tiana Lowe 

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  1. Observing her in an interview today on Cavuto and looking through a variety of other things to find out who she is, including on her FB profile and her photographs, etc. I'd say she's a bit of a narcissist and very ambitious. A combination that suggests to me she would do what is put forward above.


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