Monday, July 15, 2019

Lashana Lynch as 007

Some are predicting a female 007 will bomb.That depends on the film they ultimately make.  DaTechGuy is right, 007 is just a designation. This sounds more of the equivalent of a spin off from the James Bond franchise than simply replacing Bond with a woman. If they go the Girl Wokebuster route, it will crash and burn (and that is entirely likely given how the entertainment industry is going). If it is entertaining, it may work. I wait to hear the buzz when the film is actually made.  

Lashana Lynch is a good actor. But a specific performance is only going to be as good as the material they give her. 

Captain Marvel did decent box-office despite Brie Larson being woke. I did not care for it, although I thought Lashana Lynch was ok.  

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  1. What a bow-wow. Since Bond films appeal primarily to males, couldn't they at least use a decent looking female? Oh, well. I hope it loses money.


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