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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Why does An All-Female Ghostbusters Suck?


  1. I have no intention of seeing the movie, but you may be enticing me to drive down to San Diego and attend ComicCon.

  2. If those cosplay gals were in the movie, it might make it watchable. Otherwise, this is the kind of movie you watch when you're in a full body cast and can't reach the remote.

  3. I don't think an all female ghostbusters would suck. I do think this ghostbusters with its all female lead cast will suck. But more than the female cast; I think the male director is why this movie sucks. Thanks to the Sony hack, we know what he wanted to do with the storyline. Someone reigned him in, because it looked to be worse if he got his way.

    I'll probably see the movie, when it makes it to Sci-Fi or Comedy Central, more likely Logo. I've watched Sharknado and Rocky Horror too.


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